Our New Normal

Our New Normal

It’s been a year of change for my family. We left the church we were a part of for 30 years, officially adopted two daughters, gained a son-in-law, started a business, moved (for now) from a quiet farm to an urban area, chose schools over full time homeschooling, and now my husband is cutting back at work. I think we are settled now. At least I kind of hope so. Change has always been a somewhat stressful process for me, but this year has been filled with joy and peace. We are slowly falling into our new routines, but to be honest, I’ve barely had time to think about our new normal in the midst of living it.

The most difficult area to find normal has been in my relationship with God. I’ve prayed and prayed that God would show me how to follow Him in the midst of our new circumstances. For so long I thought that homeschooling was me following God. Being a full time wife and mom was my service to Him. So now that I have a career in addition to caring for my family, and now that I’m not homeschooling full time, who am I and how do I live for God?

It has slowly dawned on me that homeschooling wasn’t what made me a Christian. Being in a particular church wasn’t what saved me. The kingdom of God is much bigger than that. God has called me to love Him with all my heart and to love my neighbor as myself.

In a lot of ways my world has shrunk over the past year. And, in some ways it has greatly expanded. It used to be that when I lived out on the farm, I could go days without seeing anyone outside of my family. Quite often, my only outside interactions were with my fellow church members. Now I see all kinds of people every day. One day I counted all the interactions I had outside of my family. I met 18 new people in one day! This new normal certainly provides opportunities to be salt and light and to love a lot of people.

I do not have too many regrets. I am thankful for the years that I got to live on a farm and homeschool. I am thankful for the friends that we have made and for all that we have learned along the way. it was all part of the journey. But, I am thankful for this new normal as well!

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