It’s Okay to be Happy

It’s Okay to be Happy

I’ve decided that for 2022 I am going to write something every single day. It doesn’t have to be long or polished, and it won’t always be here on this blog. I’ve also decided to go into 2022 with as few hangups as possible. I’m starting early! I have been mulling over (and wrestling with) this topic of happiness for quite a while.

For a long time I believed that personal happiness was a selfish pursuit. My life was supposed to be dedicated to building God’s kingdom here on Earth. I was supposed to be like a soldier, following orders, walking in uniformity to the other soldiers that I had been placed with. I could not be an individual. I could not have hobbies or dreams outside of the mission that I had been called to. My life belonged to the work that was set before me.

Slowly I began to realize that I had fallen into a snare of legalism. I was following rules. I was allowing myself to be dictated by them and I longed for freedom. It felt selfish and wrong to walk away from the rules. Figuring out how to live without them has been a journey. And the question, “Is it really okay to be happy?” has come up again and again in my mind.

I am going into 2022 with a new revelation. It is okay to be happy. Being happy does not mean you are selfish. It does not mean that you are blind to the needs around you. It does not mean that life is perfect or that bad things won’t happen. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be painful choices and sacrifice. I don’t know if I can adequately define what happiness means to me, because I am still figuring out.

But, I think happiness is knowing what’s important. For me, coming to a deeper understanding of God and His ways is important. Loving and caring for my family is important to me. Having a minimalistic and comfortable home brings me happiness. And these days, building my business makes me happy, because the foundation of my business is making other people happy.

Happiness is not about going out and buying whatever I want. It’s not about being served. It’s not about making the world revolve around me. It’s about discovering the heart of God, loving others and being thankful. Being happy involves exploring and discovering your gifts and talents and then using them to bless others.

Does God want us to be happy? I believe He does. Psalm 144:15 says, “Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.” The rules are not my lord. Someone else’s vision is not my lord. Jesus Christ is my Lord and as I pursue relationship with Him I discover what happiness is and I embrace this gift.

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