Thank you, Lord. Thank you for your goodness and kindness. Thank you for your mercy and your compassion. Thank you that you never leave or forsake us. Thank you that you are patient and slow to anger. Thank you that you are a shepherd who leads us along paths of righteousness, and that when we stray, you come and find us. Thank you that you rescue us.

Thank you, Lord, that with you, all things are possible.There is hope for the hopeless, healing for the sick, and forgiveness and redemption for the sinner who cries out to you.

Thank you, Oh Lord Jesus, that when you walked upon the Earth, you ate with sinners, you were not afraid to put your hands on the unclean, you had compassion on the hurting. Thank you that you did not shy away from the unrighteous, but rather you shared the love of your Father with them.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you do not forget the orphans and the widows. Thank you that you love the outcasts of society. I think of the most beautiful painting that I have ever seen, where Hagar, a desperate mother, held her dying son alone in the desert, and you sent your angel to minister to them. Oh Lord, thank you that you hear our desperate cries and you answer them.

Thank you, Jesus, that you were an example to us. Your command is to love, as you loved. Thank you for your great, selfless and perfect love. Thank you that you loved everyone. Thank you that you chose love over comfort and elitism. Thank you that you went out into the world. You did not hide or isolate yourself from the world. You chose love over safety.

I love you, Lord ,and I am grateful that you have been merciful to me, a sinner.

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