Letter from the Porch

Letter from the Porch

Dear Friends,

I have spent the last two hours sitting on my front porch. I’m wearing my cozy day pajamas and drinking from my favorite coffee mug. (Cheerful, cute, perfect size and weight with a handle big enough to have a good grip) I have enjoyed the friendly wake up announcement of my rooster, the beautiful mist rising from the Kentucky river, listening to the birds sing, watching a daddy long legger turf war, and purry snuggles from my cats. The kids have since woken up and have been calling foxes and riding bikes. I am enjoying this peaceful, sabbath morning. (Note that I didn’t say quiet. The fox calling is rather loud!)

This afternoon my adult children will be coming home for a family dinner. We used to do this every Sunday, but everyone has busy lives now and I have settled for once or twice a month. Family dinner day is my very favorite day! I am making one of our favorite family meals, chicken enchiladas with Mexican street corn and salad. My son-in law’s grandparents have blessed us with an abundance of rhubarb, so I am making my husband’s favorite pie, strawberry rhubarb.

My husband has been on call at the hospital this weekend. It’s been strange. Just when we thought that the vaccine had done its job and life would get back to normal, things have gone crazy again. Maybe what you aren’t hearing on the news is that, at least in Kentucky, all of the hospitals are full with very sick patients. It’s been a very long year and a half for healthcare workers. They are exhausted, they are discouraged and they are frustrated. I see the toll it has taken on my husband and it makes me sad. Please pray for them. Keep supporting them. And for goodness sake, get vaccinated if you can and haven’t yet. Yes, you can still get covid if you get the vaccination, but the likelihood of serious illness or death is drastically reduced.

Also, several people have asked us what we are doing about our unvaccinated children. We have them wear masks to church and public places. We have them wash their hands frequently. We are not socially distancing, but we are taking precautions. I have one kid starting equine therapy, one in a ninja warrior class and one starting gymnastics. All of their classes are small. They are starting at a micro-school on September 2nd. We are allowing the kids to live their lives, but we are being careful and trying to avoid large crowds. They miss certain things. The other day they asked me to take them to a big, indoor arcade/play/gym place. I had to tell them that wouldn’t be the best choice right now, and they understood. We went on a bike ride instead. I am very thankful that our kids have each other to play with. They are best friends and they have a lot of fun together. (Big family perk!)

The renovation life continues. Some days I walk in the house and see exactly where we are going with this project. Other days I walk in and wonder what the heck we were thinking. My husband, as I mentioned, is tired and stressed and part of his self-care includes staying far away from the renovation project. We hope to be able to stay there for our fall break in October. It will be his first time seeing the completed project, but there is a whole lot that needs to happen between now and then. I’ve tried to keep a schedule so that there is no down time, and I have quickly realized that contractors keep their own schedule. Sadly, their schedules do not revolve around mine.( I didn’t set out to be my own general contractor, but here I am, living the dream.) We have hit a bump in the road because, for some reason, nobody seems to want to fix a few floor joists. Can someone please enlighten me as to why it’s so hard to get this particular job done? Also, why do contractors keep ghosting me? Is this a thing, or is it me? The painters are almost done and we want to start putting the floors down as soon as they are done. But, we can’t until the joists are fixed. (Sigh) However, I did get to catch a glimpse of the painting yesterday. I just have to say that Sherwin Williams French gray is my new favorite paint color. It is gorgeous! The entire Sherwin Williams minimalist palette is lovely and what I am using throughout the house.

I have done some praying, thinking and reading out her on the front porch this morning. It still shocks me to think about how much our life has changed since February of 2020. If we had just adopted two more daughters, that would have been huge. If it had just been the pandemic and all that came with it, the impact would be extremely significant. If it had just been leaving the church community that we were a part of for thirty years, that would have been enormous. But all of those things happened, plus a few more things. In some ways it has been a very difficult time. In other ways it has been a time filled with joy. There have been ups and downs and all arounds. But the Lord has been with us through it all. Over the past several months I have done a lot of questioning what I believe, how I have lived and how I want to live. It has most certainly been a crisis of faith. However, I am thankful that my questions are not too hard for the Lord. He is not offended by them and I have sensed His loving and comforting presence in the midst of the chaos. My Heavenly Father loves me and that is something that I could never question. I’m just trying to figure out how to best love and serve Him.

Well, I’ve been sitting on this porch for three hours now. It’s been lovely, but my family needs me and I need to start dinner. Thanks for reading my ever random thoughts. Have a beautiful, restful Sunday! Enjoy your families and make memories.



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