I am sitting on my bed in my favorite fluffy robe, coffee beside me, listening to the rain and thunder. I have a busy day ahead, but for now, I am soaking up the slowness of the morning.

I feel rested and at peace. I’ve been carrying around a big ole’ trunk full of emotions that I had been putting off unpacking. The other morning I was praying and I told the Lord that I was ready. I don’t want to be weighed down anymore. The trunk lid has been opened and the unpacking has begun.

Truthfully, I was afraid of what I would find in that box! There are about a million tears that I didn’t shed over the past year and a half. I kept stuffing away my own emotions so that I could be strong for the people around me. I was afraid that all those tears were going to come rushing, like a swollen creek after a storm. But the process has been gentle and I sense the kindness of my Heavenly Father through it all. The biggest bundle has been dealt with. I had to let go of some hurt that was on the verge of turning into bitterness. I already feel lighter. I can take deep, cleansing breaths once again. The stuff left to unpack doesn’t feel nearly as daunting.

I am happy. Like, if there wasn’t lightning, I’d run out in the rain and splash in the puddles, kind of happy. I have chosen joy throughout all that this season of life has brought. I have seen God’s goodness and I have been thankful through it all. However, I can’t say that I felt happy. I’d like to stay here and bask in this for a while! I hope this is a new season that sticks around for a while.

What are you carrying around that you don’t need to? What burdens do you need to unpack? You don’t have to do it alone. Your Heavenly Father loves you. He is kind and compassionate and He knows you. He knows the things you need to let go of. He knows where you need to be healed. Ask Him to help you. I know He will.

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