A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life


    I thought it would be fun to write about a typical day in the life of my family. I always enjoy reading about other peoples’ typical days, and I think this is something that I will enjoy looking back on. Right now all seven of my kids are living at home, but those days are coming to an end, as my oldest daughter is getting married in a little over three weeks.

  So, this morning, like every morning, I automatically woke up at 6:00. My rooster and I are on the same schedule because within minutes of me waking up, he starts to crow. I feel rested this morning. My husband often has trouble sleeping, and I naturally wake up when he does. But, we went to bed early last night and managed to sleep all night.

    I got up to make coffee. My daughter was already up and filling out her marriage license paperwork in the kitchen. We chatted for a few minutes while the coffee was brewing. It occurred to me how much I am going to miss waking up to her in the kitchen! I wonder how our relationship will change after she’s married. Will we still talk every day? I know some things will change and I am okay with that. I know that it’s part of the natural process. I do love her soon-to-be husband and I am excited to see the life that they build together. 

    After the coffee was brewed and poured, I carried it into the bedroom. My husband and I have a morning routine of drinking our coffee in bed and talking before he goes to work. We had a fairly deep conversation this morning, as we often do. We have been through some big changes lately and the tone of the conversation was thankfulness for where we’ve been and for where we are going. We discussed our plans for the day and the things that need to be done. Then he got up and got ready for work. 

   My younger daughter came downstairs all ready for her third day at her new job. He older sister is going to drop her off on her way into work. I guess that’s another reason why I’m going to miss her when she moves out! 

   My seventeen year old son was also milling around, getting ready for work. He was talking about tractors and mowers and making himself an iced coffee. He works as a farmhand down the road, so he hopped in the Polaris and drove off a few minutes ago.

    The younger kids are early risers and are up and talking in the kitchen. My eight year old reminded me to make an orthodontist appointment. She lost a tooth yesterday, but it’s wired into her mouth by her braces. A spinning tooth is kind of a cool trick, but we are going in later this morning.

     I had a conversation with my thirteen year old about our baby chicks. I had a broody hen and we decided to make all of her dreams come true a few weeks ago. We gave her seven babies to raise. She is a happy and devoted mother. The babies are starting to want to roam around though, and it seems like it might be time to let them out of the coop. We discussed a plan to block up any holes and let them out. It’s a scary moment for any mom, letting your babies out of the coop!

    My eleven year old son, who is always hungry is cooking something. I hear the skillet sizzling. He is ever the peacemaker and I can hear him rebuking his sisters for a miniature “riff” over doing the dishes.

    I checked my email and saw an invitation to lunch with some ladies from my new church, for later this week. I am excited about that! Last week we did vacation church school, and I volunteered to be a kid wrangler. I confess that I came home and had a mini meltdown after the first day. The voluminous changes of the past six months just seemed to hit all at once. I am in a completely new church, with new people and worshipping a new way. It is beautiful. I love it. It is very much where I want to be. But, it’s hard. I was in the same church for 30 years. I knew everybody. I knew the routines. I knew what to expect. In some ways, I am grieving what I lost. It hit me hard that day. The next day I was very honest with a couple of the ladies and they were kind and helpful and encouraging. Another day last week I was at a store across the street from the church and the bells started to ring. My heart leapt. I love those bells! I love that church. I’m glad to be there and I’m glad to be making new friends.

Now it is time to take a shower, get dressed and spend some time in prayer. On the agenda today is the orthodontist, picking up my daughter at work, a stop at the pool store to replace a neighbor’s toy that we broke, and maybe some swimming. Maybe I will update this post throughout the day. Someday I’ll look back on this writing and remember these sweet and crazy days. I am truly blessed.

Update: I know I said a few weeks ago that I was done with dieting. What I meant was, I’m done eating only certain foods on a list. I have however started tracking calories and I realize that this is what works for me. I eat what I want, but I control the portions. I actually got a wellness coach through our health insurance. It has been very helpful. I ordered my mother of the bride dress one size too small, and it fits now. But it’s tight! I think that if I keep counting those calories and taking my walks it will be just right on the wedding day. I thought of all of this while drinking my morning smoothie. Does anyone have a favorite plant based protein powder? I’m not crazy about the one I am using right now.

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