Early Summer Ramblings

Early Summer Ramblings

I had a wonderful vacation with my family last week, and now I am ready to get down to the business of summer. It’s going to be an exciting summer for us. My husband and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage, and we have vacation church school, new jobs, and a kid learning to drive. We are in all kinds of stages of life over here, and it’s never boring.

I am most excited that my first born, my daughter, is getting married! A few years ago she described her ideal husband to me, and I was worried that this guy didn’t exist, But, it turns out that he does exist and she already knew him. I have loved having a front row seat, watching these two go from friendship to head over heels. I think they are going to do unique and amazing things together, especially for the special needs community. I cannot wait to celebrate their marriage and see the life they build together.

I’ve made some personal goals for the summer. First, I made a decision. I am never going on another diet! I’ve come to the conclusion that diets have been counter productive. I’m reading a book on intuitive eating, and it’s been very eye opening. I am working on being intentional about what I eat. I am going to eat healthy, whole and unprocessed food and I’m going to control my portions. I am also going to walk for an hour six days a week and I’m going to throw in some HIIT a few times a week. My daughter tried to show me some exercises yesterday and I thought I was going to die, but I’ve got down three things that I can manage for now. I’ll add things in as I am able. My goal used to be to wear a size 6 again. Now my goal is to be healthy and strong, to be a good example to my children and to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Other summer goals include daily journaling and creative writing. I am looking for a writing community to be a part of. I also want to study and learn all that I can about Eastern Orthodoxy. I’m keeping my garden simple this summer, but one goal is to tend to it daily and keep it tidy. I am doing a little bit of summer school with the kids, getting them ready for a big change in the fall. I’ve been a homeschooler for 18 years, but we have decided to enroll the kids in a small private school next year. So, a big goal is getting us all ready for that transition. Last, a constant goal is to read more. At the moment I am reading about three different books. I need to finish them up and then, maybe focus on one at a time.

I am on a journey right now, and the above goals tie into it. I’m learning that self-care isn’t selfish. I see the importance of prioritizing taking care of me, so that I am able to take care of others. I’m learning to be kind and gentle with the girl in the mirror. Somehow, as I become less critical of myself, I find myself becoming less critical of the people around me. As I realize that God loves me in spite of my imperfections, and as I come to understand the depths of His mercy towards me, I find myself becoming more merciful towards others. This process is gradual, and maybe nobody else even notices, but I feel my heart changing. I am extremely thankful for this season of life. It’s beautiful and joyous and I feel freer than I have ever felt.

I suppose I should get on with the day. I pray that somehow the ramblings of my heart bless you. Thank you for reading.

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