A Promise

A Promise

Lent has ended, and it was a surprisingly beautiful season. I did not know what to expect since I had never done it before, and I have no idea if my experience is typical. It was a time of simplicity. I found myself desperate to remove physical clutter, mental clutter and heart clutter from my life. My home has been purged and cleaned. I’ve chased away negative thoughts. I have brought hurt and disappointment to my Lord, asked Him to reveal any unforgiveness, and to take away any bitterness or hardness that had taken root my heart. At the end of it, I feel light, free and full of joy.

I also prayed a lot about writing. I was waiting on a sign from Heaven that said, “Keep writing!” I didn’t see it written in the clouds. However, I’ve heard from several people who have asked me to keep writing, and to do it more. Also, a few opportunities have come along. Most of all, I do have a sense in my heart that God has given me a story to tell, and I want to tell it. So, here I am, sitting at my uncluttered desk, committing myself be faithful to write.

So, you will be hearing more from me very soon. I promise!

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