Impact-It’s the Little Things

Impact-It’s the Little Things

I got stuck on intuition. Like, didn’t write for a week, stuck. So, I thought of another word. Maybe that’s cheating, but the point is to keep writing, right?

You never know the power of an encouraging word spoken, or of a simple act of kindness. I love reading about people who have made big differences in other people’s lives. What I’ve noticed is that they are usually people who do a whole lot of little things. So, if you want to impact the world, start paying attention to the people and the needs around you. Love those people and meet those needs.

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to be disgusted with the world right now. If you get on social media and watch the news, it seems like the world is a terrible place, full of hate. But, I challenge you to scale it down. Look at your neighbors and your co-workers. During this insane season of life, there are good people reaching out and helping others.

So yes, we are all impacted by politics and the state of our economy. We can worry about that. We can spend our time watching videos of riots and read about the injustices, or we can get out there and make a difference. And by make a difference I mean help somebody in need. Drop off a meal for someone who is sick. Buy groceries for that family who is struggling financially. Open your home to the child whose parents can’t afford to stay home with them while the schools are shut down. Call that elderly person who hasn’t left their home in months. Write letters and send cards. Let people know that you are thinking about them and praying for them.

Do you want to impact the world? Be kind. Be friendly. Be generous. Find little ways to to take care of people. In a world where everybody is shouting and name calling and fighting, I think that quiet acts of love can make a much bigger impact. So, let’s do it! Let’s drown out the negativity with our own battle cry, and let’s impact the people around us in a real and eternal way.

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