T is for Tea (and travel)

T is for Tea (and travel)

I was struggling with this one. I was supposed to write about travel, because that was the first word that came to my mind. I asked my husband for a t word and he came up with tea. And then, I realized that, for me, tea and travel kind of go together.

About ten years ago my husband and I went to Oslo, Norway for a wedding. It was late May. We took the metro from the airport and as I looked out the window, I was amazed to see my favorite flower, Lilacs, blooming everywhere. But the best part was when we got off at our stop. The smell of Lilacs wafted through the air. It was heavenly!

Oslo is a very beautiful city. My brother-in-law took us on quests through the parks and the city streets to find the perfect cafes. That was my first taste of the European way of life. When you sit down in a cafe to a cup of tea or coffee and a fresh baked treat, you do not rush. You sit, you talk, you laugh and you enjoy. This was difficult for me as I tend to be antsy. The American in me felt uncomfortable and wondered if it was okay to stay so long.

One of my favorite memories was when the mother of the bride invited my husband and I to her apartment for tea. She met us at the metro stop near her place. There were many apartment buildings. Every balcony had flowers and plants. Many of them had little tables where I could imagine people sitting and drinking their tea. On our way to her apartment we stopped at a bakery and picked out some pastries. Her place was lovely! It was everything that I thought a European apartment should be. Big, heavy, wooden doors, tall ceilings, beautiful art and books galore. We sat at a table and enjoyed wonderful conversation, tea and sweets. It was so pleasant and relaxing. It’s one of those memories that I savor and sometimes I try to imagine myself back there in that place.

When we returned from that trip, I tried to establish a daily tea time. I never was able to do it. I have learned to like and appreciate tea, and I’m always down for pastries. It’s the sitting still and relaxing part that is difficult. However, I just realized that an American version of tea time has become a part of my life as a result of that time. My husband and I started drinking coffee together every morning. I get up first and make it and we sit in our bed and talk before the day gets started. Now days are kitten joins us and her loud purring has become a part of the tradition. It’s my favorite part of the day. So, maybe I don’t do tea time every afternoon, but I do do coffee in the morning with my husband and my cat. Close enough!

My favorite part of these writing prompts is seeing where my imagination will take me. This one was a stretch!

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