I personally am inspired by all kinds of things in all kinds of ways. For example, when I need to be inspired to clean my house, I watch before and after cleaning videos on YouTube. A few months ago I was inspired to start walking more when a very busy guy told me that he runs ten miles several times a week. I thought, “If he can do that, surely I can walk at least 10 miles a week.” (Nasty weather has uninspired me, but I’m going to get back on that!) Looking through my favorite cookbooks inspires me to spend time making delicious food for my family. Walking through an art museum awakens creativity inside of me and inspires me to surround myself with beauty. In the spring time I love to take walks in the woods with my camera, taking photos of wildflowers. This inspires me to be content with where God has me and to bloom where I am planted. Reading beautiful literature stirs my heart and inspires me to think deep thoughts about people, the world, good, evil and everything in between. People inspire me! I am inspired by people who put others before themselves, who overcome adversity, and who are faithful. My family and friends inspire me.

While many things inspire me, I am happy to say that I have discovered the one thing that is my true inspiration. I have found that when my life in God is stagnant, I lack inspiration. But, when I am drawing near to God and spending time with Him daily, I am filled with creativity and I am inspired in many ways. I’ve come to the conclusion that God, the Creator of all, is not only my source of life, my hope, my joy and my strength, but He is also my inspiration.

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