And Then, There Was Light

And Then, There Was Light

I am in the midst of a 21 day Daniel fast. I’ve set this time aside specifically to intercede for my children and a few other situations. One week in and I’ve already seen the Lord at work. There have been some eye opening moments. There have been good conversations. Hearts are softening.

Here’s the thing. I want my children to love the Lord with all of their being. I always thought that if we raised them in the church and taught them the Bible, they would automatically love God. It turns out that it’s not that simple! You see, they actually have to choose to follow God. For some, it might be an easy choice. Others have to wrestle with God and come to the end of themselves. Let me tell you, that’s a terrifying thing to watch! And I am fully aware that any one of my children could choose not to love God.

And so, I pray for my kids…a lot. I pray that they will understand the love that God has for them. I pray that they will turn away from the temporary pleasures that the world offers. I pray that they will not be led away by flattery. And I pray that they will choose Jesus. I pray that they will be men and women who light up and change their little corner of the world.

It has been a couple of rough years and I expect there will be more difficult times as I watch my children wrestle with what they believe. But I see slivers of light!

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