Fear and Truth

Fear and Truth

Fear is a planter of lies. He’s quiet and subtle. He questions you, “Have you noticed that you don’t quite fit in here.” At first you might try to fight against the little lie, but Fear is persistent. He shows you how you have been hurt and rejected, and once you are convinced, He takes more liberty.

“You aren’t wanted here.” Since you already accepted the first lie, this one seems to make sense. Of course this lie leads to bigger ones. “You’ll never be good enough for them.” “They are lying to you!” And ultimately, “You are not loved.”

As these lies sink in, so does desperation. Where do you go? What should you do? How do you protect yourself?

Then Fear becomes even more conniving. He wraps his long, crooked fingers around your arm and grips you. “Follow me to safety,” he says, as he pulls you along. He walks you down a dark and lonely road, all the while promising that there is safety up ahead. You stretch to your neck to see what lies around the bend, but all you see is emptiness. You question Fear. You ask, “Is this all there is?” Fear replies, “I’m leading you to a place where nobody will ever be able to reject you again.”

The road becomes rough. You trip and fall, but Fear drags you on. You are hungry and thirsty and bruised and bleeding. You want to go back! But Fear reminds you of how you were rejected and unloved. He tells you that love equals pain. Isolation is the only way to keep your heart safe.

Finally you catch a glimpse of something ahead. You see a building made of stones with a warm light glowing through the window. You run to it. You bang on the door and it opens to you. You step inside only to see that this place is not what it seemed to be from the outside. All at once the door slams behind you and you see bars on the windows. You hear the turn of the key and all light goes out.

Fear has deceived you! It started with a little lie, that grew into a bigger lie, that led you down a lonely path and into a dark prison cell.

You lean your back against a cold, damp wall and any hope you had left, dies in this place. Meanwhile, Fear stands outside the barred window and with deceit in his voice says, “You are safe now! Nobody can hurt you here in my lair.”

You wonder why his lair feels like a prison.

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, you hear a soft voice. It says, “You are beloved! Turn away from Fear! Don’t listen to his lies.” Persistently, this tiny voice cries out to you, but Fear’s voice is louder and he demands your attention.

Finally one day you ask the tiny voice, “Who are you?”

“I am truth.”

“Why do you speak so softly, Truth? Why is Fear so much louder than you?”

“Because Fear’s lies have gripped you, and I am shut out.”

At these words, Fear rises up, screaming the lies over and over, so that Truth cannot be heard.

The torment continues day after day. More lies are continuously planted. “I am your protector,” sneers Fear. “Truth is the liar! She would have you put your heart at risk! She would tear down the defenses that we have built! Do not trust her!”

But all the while, in the quiet moments, Truth is pleading, “I can set you free. Listen to me. Turn away from Fear. As long as you listen to his lies, he has ahold of you.”

At long last, in desperation and exhaustion, you cry out to Truth, “I don’t know how to let you in! I want to, but I don’t know how!”

“Invite me in,” she says softly. “Reject the lies of your enemy and invite me in.”

At this Fear roars, ” Am I your enemy? I have kept you safe from the cruelty of rejection!”

Truth’s pure voice sings out, “He has locked you in a prison cell. He sows and reaps lies day and night.” You notice that Truth’s voice is a little louder as she says, “Fear led you away from the safety of love. I can lead you back.”

You wonder at this. Safety of love? Love equals pain, doesn’t it?

Now you can feel Truth’s breath as she whispers in your ear, “Fear has led you away and made you his prisoner. Fear equals pain.”

Fear’s voice is becoming less booming as he declares, “You didn’t belong there! They didn’t want you there!”

Truth’s voice, now loud and clear, matches Fear’s volume, “Reject his lies! I will lead you back! I will set you free from this dank and lonely prison!”

Fear, even quieter now, replies, “You are safe here! Nobody can hurt you.”

Truth, seeming to envelop you now, earnestly declares, “I will set you free!”

Fear’s spindly fingers grip you tighter and you are filled with pain and agony. But, then a strength that couldn’t possibly be your own surges through you. You rise up from the filthy floor, you turn to Fear and you scream out in realization, “YOU ARE THE LIAR!”

He recoils. His grip loosens, and all at once light floods your empty prison cell. The door flies open and Truth grabs ahold of you and runs, taking you far, far away from that place.

Soon you are surrounded by goodness, purity, light and above all, love. Fear has been fully exposed and the roots of the lies he planted have been gently removed by Truth. Truth now softly and gently walks beside you. She is your faithful companion.

Fear still dares to lurk in dark corners and beckons you when you are near enough. But you know full well that he is the liar. You do not even glance his way. You reach out and hold tightly to Truth. Fear has lost its grip on you, and Truth has set you free.

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