Jesus Wept.

Jesus Wept.

My life is good. It really is. I have a husband who adores me far more than I deserve to be adored. We have five children and plenty of chaos to keep us young for a while. I have walked with the some of the same friends for almost 30 years. We watched each other grow up, fall in love, get married and have children. We have been with each other in the beautiful moments and we have walked through the darkest places together. I am blessed and I know it very well.

But, even though I can see God’s goodness to me, there are hard things. I’ve been begging the Lord for a while now to shine light into some dark areas.

My family went to Rend Collective concert last month. They sang a song called, “You Weep With Me”. I was already considering the compassion of Jesus as our church was reading through John and the shortest verse in the Bible was heavy on my heart. “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) I never thought about why Jesus wept. I mean, when people die, you cry. Right? But, as I read through John it didn’t make sense. Why weep for a guy that you are about to bring back from the dead? Right before this verse, Mary, Lazarus’ sister who had sat at Jesus’s feet, ran to him and started crying. Then he also wept. I believe he was weeping out of compassion for Mary. He saw her pain and he wept with her.

So, when they sang that song at the concert, I thought of Jesus weeping because he knew that his friends were hurting. And, I became acutely aware that Jesus knows my pain. He knows what we have been through. He has heard the deep, agonizing screams of my heart. I find comfort in knowing that he knows and that I don’t have to pretend that everything is okay for him. He weeps with me, and He is with me in the darkest places.

I know I am not the only one who is hurting. There are people facing more painful and more difficult things than I am. If that’s you, I want to remind you that you are not alone. Jesus loves you. He rejoices with you in the light, and he weeps with you in the darkness.

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