I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty. I see it everywhere! I see it when I look up. In the day I see pure white clouds set against  a lovely blue sky. At night I look up to see the stars set against the clear black sky. I see beauty in the gentle brown eyes of my sweet, old dog. This evening as I walked through the woods, I saw it in the reflection of a rippling puddle beneath the trees. This week my family and I went to visit a school for the mentally disabled and I saw beauty in the smiles of every resident as they warmly welcomed us. I felt wrapped in beauty when a young girl danced around us, singing.

Being surrounded by beauty always makes me want to create it. Today I finally printed some photos that I took two years ago in Yellowstone and I made a collage on our living room wall. I announced to my husband that I want to be a nature photographer. I also want to write beautiful words that touch people in the deep places of their souls.

But, what I really want is to live a beautiful life. I want to create a beautiful life for my family. I homeschool, and I love studying nature and reading beautiful literature to my children. I love to look at art with my youngest son, because he gets so excited by it. Today as I was longing to make beautiful things, I realized that I am helping to introduce my children to beauty. I am teaching them to love it and they in turn long to create it.

We are made in the image of God. Look at this beautiful world that He made! Not only did He make the things we see, but He gave the birds their songs. He gave the flowers their smells! He gave fruit it’s sweet taste. He thought of everything. I feel closest to God when I fellowship with Him in the creating of beauty, because He is the creator of beauty itself.

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