More of the Same in 2017

More of the Same in 2017

Good morning! It’s the last Friday of our Christmas break. It’s been lovely! I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. (You should see my beautiful coat closet!) We  got to spend a lot of time together as a family. I probably played the board game, Dominion, a hundred times! We spent time with our extended family, did a little traveling, and I got to spend time in the kitchen baking bread and doing ‘foodie’ things that I don’t usually have time to do.

This morning we are tying up some loose ends. We are venturing out in the snow to take a certain sixteen-year-old to take their permit test. Also, I have some boys in desperate need of haircuts and we need to pick up some school supplies. We will also squeeze in a trip to one of our favorite places; the library!

I suppose this is the part where I should tell you about my goals for 2017. Well, first let me say that I learned some valuable lessons in 2016.  Most importantly, I have learned that God is glorified through our everyday, ordinary tasks. I used to believe that the ordinary work was the stuff that I had to get done so that I could move on to the truly important things. 2016 was a year of learning my place and embracing it. Also, it was a year of realizing that who I am is enough. I’m a wildflower, finally free from striving to be a rose.

As for 2017, there are still a lot of ordinary tasks ahead. I need to keep on  being faithful to those things. Being wife, mom, homeschooler, keeper of my home and friend is what I need to keep on being.

My other goal this year is to fully put my trust in God. My first born child will be 18 in March! She is in the throws of choosing which school to go to and where she will live. I’m not going to lie to you, this is much harder than I expected!  I know she is going to be fine and I know that God will keep her in the center of His will. But, the process is hard. The truth is, I know where I want her to be and what I want her to do. Everything in me wants to scream, “Just choose this!” As a mom, I want what I believe is best for her. However, I realize that I don’t actually have all the answers or know all of God’s plans for her. So, I am learning to keep my mouth shut and pray. I don’t even pray for what I want for her life. I simply pray that God will lead her and guide her and place where He wants her. “Not my will, but Thine be done,” is the cry of my heart for 2017.

It’s time to get dressed and get out the door. If you are reading this, I hope that you will find joy in the ordinary today. Have a great day!





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