Sometimes I don’t want to write on this blog because I don’t have anything exciting to write about. Then I remember that the title is “My Journal of Ordinary Days”. That takes a lot of pressure off of me! Shew! I’m just an ordinary lady and this is a log of my ordinary thoughts in the midst of my ordinary life.

First up, I miss my husband! He’s been on a medical mission trip to Mexico this week. I have been able to follow the trip via the pictures that have been posted on Facebook. That’s been nice. We always have morning coffee together. This morning we are having it via text messaging.

I have had plenty to keep me busy here at home. Last weekend my mom and her best friend Alice came to visit, and they brought me my grandmother’s china to put in the new hutch that I bought at auction and painted. My grandmother died when my mom was five years old, and her china, which she loved, disappeared shortly thereafter. It was found not long ago in an old family barn. Somehow it managed to get from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, and stay hidden in that spot, wrapped in old newspaper from the 1950’s, for a very long time. It’s a family treasure and I am honored to have it. I never got to know her, but I feel like i have a little piece of her here with me now.

My big project this week has been getting my house cleaned and organized before Josh gets back. It’s not going as fast as I would like. I envisioned perfection, but the reality might just be “really good”. I have two days to keep plugging away at it!

The pressure to get the house completely in order is that we are in the midst of a lot of transition. School is getting ready to start back. I can’t believe that I will have two high schoolers this year! I will also have two fifth graders and a kindergartner. Another big change is that my husband is getting ready to start a new job. It’s going to be a much more “normal” schedule for him. I am looking forward to this change! Having the house in order just seems to make these transitions go smoother.

Also, in a little over three weeks my oldest daughter will be getting her driver’s license. This is going to change my life! It will free up some time, for sure. No more picking her up from work, driving her to friend’s houses or tutoring or school. No more carpooling with her and her friends and getting to know them. In a way it makes me sad. We spend a lot of time together driving from one place to the next, talking about life. It’s all about to change. She will be a lot more independent. An older mom recently told me that she really learned how to pray when her kids started driving. I imagine I will be doing a lot of praying. I can’t believe how fast time has gone.

Well, I suppose I should get to work! Please keep my husband and the Mexico team in your prayers. Especially pray against the Chicken Gooya virus, which is a mosquito borne illness that they have treated a lot of this week. They will be traveling home tomorrow. And, you can pray that I have a couple of super productive days.

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