A Lovely Day

A Lovely Day

Today has been one of those days that I don’t want to forget. It was an all around lovely day! It started with my daughters and I making a cake together for a wedding. It was an artsy endeavor, and we had fun. We argued a little about how to decorate the cake. We took the toppings off and redecorated it a couple of times, and we were pleased with our simple and pretty end result.

Then, of course, we went to the wedding.  I sat next to my friend Marilyn and was excited to learn that she shares the same dilemma as me at weddings. Do you want to look at the bride as soon as she comes into sight, or look at the groom’s face to catch his first reaction? We opted for the groom, only I was to short to see over the people in front of me, so she gave me the play by play. “He’s still looking around. Oh! There it is! I think he see’s her! Yep! His eyes are locked on her now, and he’s smiling.”

I’ve known the bride since she was born. I have pictures of me holding her as a newborn. I lived with her family for a while. She used to come sit in my room and I would paint her nails. Then, she was a flower girl in my wedding. She babysat my children. She taught my daughters ballet for a while. It was both strange and wonderful to see her get married.

The venue was wonderful, the weather couldn’t have been better, and I had a lot of fun. I loved watching all of the kids dance. I got into a little mischief with my friend, Sarah, which is not out of the ordinary, but we don’t have as much opportunity as we did when we were younger. We laughed and plotted and got caught. It was perfect!

Then my family came home and we all ended up sitting outside around the hammock, eating snacks and talking. It was completely spontaneous and it warmed my heart. I felt a little tinge of sadness as i thought about the fact that we may not have many more moments like this. My oldest daughter is growing up. She has a job and will soon have her driver’s license. Life is changing. It made that time today extra special and I found myself smiling and thoroughly enjoying that time.

Lately there have been a lot of moments that I am afraid I will forget, which is why I started my “That Moment When” thread. I have several things to add to it today. It was a good day and I am going to bed rejoicing and praising God for my family, my friends and my church. I am surrounded by love and life is beautiful.

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