A Course Loosely Planned…Steps to be Determined

A Course Loosely Planned…Steps to be Determined

Yay! It’s summer! We have a few more days worth of school left, but we are almost there. I’m not going to try to plan out our whole summer like I did last year. I ended up frustrated because all of my plans kept changing. There are a few “themes” to this summer.

The first one is people. We are going to spend lots of time with friends! It’s going to kick off with a church vacation. A bunch of us (And by a bunch, I mean A LOT!) are going to spend a week together at Kentucky Dam. Our family will be sharing a houseboat with a few other people. There are going to be races, a fishing tournament, and plenty of fellowship. Aside from the vacation, we plan to spend a lot of time with our home group. (life group, cell group, small group, home fellowship-It’s known by any names.) On top of that, we bought our pool pass, the kids will play soccer with friends once a week, there will be walks with friends, and I plan to spend regular time with one of my oldest and ‘bestest’ friends.. These things are going to happen! Beyond that, I don’t even try to predict.


My oldest daughter has her first real job this summer. She is working at an ice cream shop. I’m excited for her on many levels. I’m excited because she gets to make some good money. I’m excited that she will get to be around people all the time. She loves people! I’m excited that she is learning how to be a good employee. I’m excited to share her! She’s a tremendous blessing to us, and I know that she will be a blessing wherever she goes. I have a few concerns as well. Little by little she is becoming more and more independent. While it’s scary to loosen my grasp, I know that she is strong and I trust that her Heavenly Father will watch over her.

There will be some education this summer as well. There will be some speech therapy  happening, an ACT/SAT prep class and possibly some tutoring. Of course we will continue with music, and we may even do our first “concert” at a local coffee shop. We plan to go to the library and read a lot this summer.

There will be plenty of farm work to keep us busy. We have two cows now, plus fourteen chickens and two boxes of bees. The blackberries are going to be abundant this year. I see lots of picking, jam making and pies in our near future. The garden always keeps me busy. My special project this summer is a pollinator’s garden, and I am excited about that.  We will be leaning heavily on our boys to help with upkeep up the farm this summer. I love watching my boys become young men and take care of the family in this way. Growing up I only dreamed of living on a farm someday, so I guess this is a dream come true. I am so blessed!

So, to sum it up, it looks like a summer of friends, hard work and next steps. Those are all great things. I don’t know exactly what it will look like, but that’s okay.

A verse that has been big in my heart in recent months is Proverbs 16:9. It says, “A man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” To be honest, I always try to plan things out in my mind. I like to know exactly where i am going and what I’m going to do when I get there. This past year the Lord has made it very clear to me that I am not in charge here, and my ways are not his ways. He has a plan, and it’s better than mine. Sometimes my agenda matches up with his, and other times, I simply have to let my plans go. I’ve struggled with letting go this past year. However, I am not afraid to let go anymore! Our summer belongs to the Lord! We’ve made a few plans, but ultimately, he will lead us. There’s no place that I would rather be, than in the center of his will.

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