A hundred Little Mother’s Day Thoughts

A hundred Little Mother’s Day Thoughts

If you ever happen to ask me what I am thinking at any given moment, you are very likely to get a longer than expected list. Maybe that’s why I write! Anyway, I woke up this morning with a hundred little thoughts going through my mind, and I am going to share a few.

On Mother’s Day, I think of a lot of different people.

Of course I think of my mom. I was born on my mom’s seventeenth birthday. She had a difficult childhood. She was a runaway when she met my dad. They were both traveling with gypsy’s at the time. In fact, I am named after a gypsy girl that she babysat and loved. My parents divorced shortly after I was born and my mom, who lost her own mom  when she was five, had to figure out how to raise me and my brother, who was born when I was seven. She relied heavily on Dr. Spock!

When I was nine, my mom decided that she loved my brother and I more than her addictions, her old friends and her old way of living. Her life, and consequently, our lives, changed totally and completely. We still struggled. There were still difficult circumstances, but my mom prayed for my brother and I every single day. She prayed that God would be our father. She took us to church, and she worked hard and sacrificed so that we could go to a Christian school for a while.

The truth is that when I was a younger woman, I had some resentment towards my mom. I dwelled on the hard times and the bad memories. Then, I grew up and realized what she did for us, how she fought her own battles and ours. Most recently I have realized the value of those prayers that she prayed for us. I have been well loved and provided for by my heavenly father. I have story after story of how my heavenly father has been ever present in my life. I always assumed that “somebody” must have been praying for me my whole life. It only dawned on me over the past few years that the “somebody” was my mom.

My mom is pretty amazing, and I love her.

I am also thankful for all the other moms in my life. In elementary school, while my mom was still struggling with some difficult things, I had a teacher who mothered me. She kept a hairbrush and barrettes in her desk drawer. I would report to her first thing in the morning and she would do my hair. She lived down the street from me and I remember sitting on the stairs leading to her apartment eating popsicles with her and her husband. I adored her and I knew she loved me!

Then there was my classmate Paul’s mom, Mrs. Breon. She held my hand on field trips, took me to vacation Bible school and to the circus. She let Paul and I ride an elephant. Once she baked me a kitten cake. She was the first person to tell me about Jesus. She told me that he loved me and that he had a plan for me. She filled my heart with hope! I loved her and I never forgot her or the things that she taught me. She went home to be with Jesus not long ago. I look forward to seeing her in Heaven, so I can hug her and thank her for saving my life. That’s another story, but there was a time when i considered ending my life, and didn’t, because of the hope she gave me.

There have been many older, Godly women in my life that I consider spiritual mothers. Mothers who taught me God’s ways, how to be a wife and how to be a mom. I still rely on spiritual mothers! As my oldest daughter is becoming a young woman, I turn to older mothers who advise me as I prepare her for adulthood. I need their experience and wisdom, as my life at sixteen is not what I want hers to look like. I suspect that I will always need spiritual mothers,

I also think about three tiny babies who have gone to heaven before me. Most of the world never even knew that they existed, but I loved them and I mourned deeply for them. I look forward to seeing them in heaven someday as well.

And, I think about my five children that are here with me now. What an honor it is to be their mom. I am truly blessed! God has entrusted these children to my husband and I. We are raising them up to be men and women who will know God, love him, love others and who will give their lives to serving a purpose higher than themselves. I see it happening and it fills my heart with joy! My children are my greatest gift, and they are what I will leave behind some day. My greatest desire is that my children’s children, generation after generation, will love the Lord and serve him all the days of their lives.

On that note, it’s time to get them up and ready for church. I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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