How to Resolve Conflict and Live Happily Ever After…or something like that

How to Resolve Conflict and Live Happily Ever After…or something like that

I’ve started a few blogs in recent weeks, and fell asleep before I could finish them. My husband has been off of work for three weeks. THREE WEEKS, ya’ll! It’s been good. We have gotten a lot of farm work done and I have been exhausted every night, which is when I usually write. He goes back to work in a couple of days, and I am sad. The kids and I have enjoyed having him home.

Here’s a little fact for you all, just because I have to be real…We did have a fight last night. We hardly ever fight anymore and we get over things much quicker than we used to. And, the fact that we have been together for three weeks and didn’t get under each other’s skin until the very end is a victory. We used to barely make it through a weekend without some argument. Does that sound terrible? We are simply two very different people, with two very different ways of processing things. You can read more about that  here.

Maybe by the time he retires we will be totally selfless and mature and we will never ever fight. But if we do, we will have friends who can talk us through it on speed dial. We have a policy that when we cannot come to agreement on an issue, we call a friend. I always hate it in the heat of the moment, but it’s always good. I tend to like it when they say I’m right and he’s wrong. That doesn’t happen very often…and it didn’t happen last night. And that’s good too. The truth hurts, but faithful are the wounds of a friend.

Maybe you think it’s weird that we call a friend when we fight. I sure thought it was at first, and quite honestly, I didn’t like the idea at all. I’ll tell you why we do it. We value our marriage. When we decided to marry, we committed in our hearts that it was for life. The D-word is one that we do not say, ever. It’s not an option. So, we could keep having the same fights over and over again, or we could  open up the issue to others, and let them help us resolve them. It truly has made all the difference and I am thankful for the friends who have worked through things with us. Our marriage is healthy, strong and happy, but we still need help occasionally. And, sometimes our friends ask us to help them too. Sometimes you just need a pair of outside eyes to look at the situation and help you see it for what it really is.

I wasn’t intending for this whole post to be about that, but my eyes are involuntarily closing. I must sleep! Goodnight!

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