Snow Day Thoughts on Faith

Snow Day Thoughts on Faith


It’s freezing outside! It’s colder in Kentucky than it is in Alaska today. We are cozy and warm inside, but cabin fever is setting in. My oldest daughter is having a serious case of friend withdrawal, and has suggested that she might start walking. Considering her nearest friends live about 9 miles away, that would be quite a walk. My 14 year old son’s main symptom of cabin fever is a strong craving for sushi. He’s mentioned sushi about four times today, and I can’t figure out why cold and snow stirs up that desire in him. The younger kids are just wild. I caught them diving off of furniture onto an air mattress earlier. To add to the insanity, we have brought our bantam chickens inside. You don’t realize how loud a rooster is, until he is crowing outside your bedroom door. This is our fourth day of being snowed in and it looks like it will be a few more days before we can leave. The food supply is getting low, but my husband is going to stop at the grocery store on the way home.

Personally, I am enjoying the time at home. We are always on the go and it feels like a little vacation to me. I have been in a season of life where I am learning to be still. Deep snow and cold certainly does have a way of stilling things. My favorite spot this week has been in the chair in my room, with a cup of tea, my Bible and my journal nearby.

These past several months I have been seeking the Lord and asking Him to show me areas where I have misunderstood Him and His ways. I have kept things pretty simple and I don’t question a lot of things. I have some friends who question everything and enjoy having long discussions and arguments about all things theological. That’s not me. However I realized a few months back that while simple faith is not a bad thing, I had some unanswered questions. I had heard a lot of opinions and good teachings on certain topics, but I had never honestly gone before the Lord and sought Him on those matters. That’s what I have been doing for the past several months. I have had time to do a lot of that during these snow days, and it’s been awesome.

One of the topics that I have been mulling over this week is faith. I have been reading through Hebrews 11, which talks about many of the heroes of faith. Have you ever really thought about Noah’s faith? He spent years building a giant boat and preparing for rain, which he had never even seen. What about when Abraham was willing to offer up the son who was the hope for all of God’s promises to him? How about when Moses led the children of Israel across the wilderness? Did they ever have doubts and wonder if they were following God or some crazy idea?

I struggle sometimes with wondering if I have faith or my own ideas. I believe that my Heavenly Father has given me some very specific things to pray for. I feel discouraged sometimes because I am praying for things that I cannot see right now. I am praying for unknowns. I am praying for situations that seem hopeless. I believe for things that seem like they could be more fantasy than faith.

But, I guess that’s what faith is. It’s kind of like walking out on a limb and saying, “This doesn’t make sense to me, but Lord, I am going to trust You.” I’m not building an ark or setting out for a promised land right now, although that kind of faith has been required of me before. For example, I grew up in Pennsylvania but after to coming to school in Kentucky for three months, I felt that this was where the Lord was calling me to live. I was 19 and it was terrifying to leave my family, but I took that leap and I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do. This is exactly where I am supposed to be.

These days the kind of faith required of me is faith that hopes and prays for things that I cannot see. It’s a lot like Sarah’s faith as described in Hebrews 11:11. “And by faith even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered him faithful who had made the promise.” I don’t mean that I am planning on bearing anymore children, but I am considering God faithful and I am trusting Him as we raise the ones that He has already given us. I believe that He entrusted each and every of them to us, and that His plans for their lives will come to pass. I believe that they will serve the purposes of God in their generation. I’m trusting Him for godly spouses for them. I am trusting Him as we have chosen to live according to God’s ways, which are so very different than the culture that surrounds us.

I cling to these words from Psalms 37:3-4.
“Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.”

I believe that as we love and serve the Lord our God, and that as we teach our children to do the same, He will be glorified and that even after my husband and I are gone, our godly heritage will live on. That is my greatest desire, and my heart is filled with joy and excitement even as I write these words.

I pray that as you read these words, you also will be encouraged to seek the Lord, to learn to walk in His ways and that your faith would increase. Stay warm and enjoy the blessings of God today.

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