“That Time Called Teen Years” Guest Blogger: Meredith Faith

“That Time Called Teen Years” Guest Blogger: Meredith Faith


Today I have a guest blogger! She’s a lovely girl, of almost 16. I couldn’t be more proud of the young woman that she is becoming. She loves the Lord, she loves people, and she practices what she preaches in this blog. Oh, and she is my daughter. 😉 :

So, I am a teenager. I have been a teenager for three years almost and will be for another four. The first topics that generally come up when teenagers are discussed are related to their rebelliousness, self-centeredness, and laziness. These attributes are just assumed upon you by the world when you turn the big one three. Some people, after pushing me towards maturity, all of the sudden decided that I was doomed to brattiness for the next seven years. Why does the world push this assumption? The answer is simple. The enemy is frightened by the greatness teenagers can accomplish. It tells us we are rebellious so we never stop to listen and submit. As long as we are refusing to lay down our will and receive wisdom we will all be separate. We must unite, and the only way we can ever accomplish this is through laying down our individual plans for a bigger picture. How do we find the bigger picture? By listening to the wisdom of our elders.
The enemy desires selfish youth, because self consumed people can never look outside of their own small worlds. They forget that people are dying. They forget that people need truth desperately. Because, they are caught up in their own insecurities and problems. Let’s break the cycle of insecurity and start loving others.
Laziness must be expected of us, because hard work takes people far. If we set our ambitions on completing our jobs and school with excellence we will go farther. We will know more, we will be more, and we will accomplish more.
How about it, fellow teens? Let’s beat the odds and be young adults in a world full of children. Get the most out of your education! Work hard at home, at work, and everywhere! Live to serve others not in the bonds of self service. Listen and obey. And then, let us not waste our first ten years of adulthood on parties and luxury. Get jobs. Get challenging jobs. Get married. Raise children. Serve your church and serve your community. We can do great things. It all starts now. Will you rise above or reduce yourself to the measly standards set by the destroyer of life? ;

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