Happy. Happy. Happy!

Happy. Happy. Happy!

I have woken up the past several mornings just feeling happy. It’s not that everything in my life is perfect. There have been a couple of difficult moments this week. However, in the midst of great times and even difficult ones, I see the goodness of the Lord all around me. I am going to make a random lists of things that have blessed me this week.

– A clean house makes me very happy! I have been struggling to get on top of housework and laundry ever since we started back to school after Christmas. But this week, I got on top of it.

-Our driveway has been steamrolled and that is awesome! If you have been up my driveway in the past couple of years, you know that it’s been a rough ride, but now it is smooth and it surprises me how happy this makes me.

-My friend told me to sober up! I started to have an emotional meltdown this week. I texted my friend in the midst of it and she told me to snap out of it. And I did! Friends who are faithful to say hard things make me happy.

-Coffee with friends-I got to go have coffee with two of my friends this week. We shared what we are struggling with and encouraged one another.

-Prayer with friends! I get together with four of my friends every Saturday morning for an hour. We have a time of sharing what is going on in our lives, and then we pray for one another and for needs in our church. I love that five busy moms can set aside time to be committed to praying together. It’s nearly impossible, but we are doing it!

-Bible study with friends- We are taking a class and studying the Bible with our friends, who also happen to be our neighbors.

-My mom is going on vacation with us!

-We went on a double date with good friends tonight.

-My youngest daughter made brownies all by herself and she is wearing the skirt that she made to church tomorrow. She’s a domestic diva!

-My oldest daughter sits on my bed every night and we talk about all kinds of things. She’s not a little girl anymore, and I am so proud of the lovely young woman that she has become. And, she and her lab partner removed a perfectly in tact brain from a fetal pig yesterday. Booya!

-My three boys are all so sweet. I get more hugs in a day then some people get in a year!

-We added acreage to our farm this week! This is something that I have prayed for and I feel so loved by my Heavenly father.

-I heard some good news about friends and my heart rejoiced!

-I love my prayer walks that I take around my farm. I sat in a field and talked to the Lord about something specific this week. My faith is increasing!

-My husband had the week off of work and he got a lot of work done around the farm. I get the best of both worlds. He’s brainy and brawny!

-One of my friends came over and matched socks for me this week! I hate matching socks. What a sweet way to serve!

Wow! I am incredibly blessed! Life is good.

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