It Snowed!

It Snowed!


I hate to say it, but I’ve kind of become a snow pessimist. I don’t pay much attention to weathermen anymore when they call for snow, because I’ve been disappointed too many times. On Wednesday it was a beautiful spring like day and when I saw the headline that a winter storm was heading our way, I rolled my eyes. On Friday I was out and about and the snow started coming down. “It won’t stick,” I told my kids. It did start to stick and we had a very slow drive home. The group of friends that I pray with on Saturday mornings decided to cancel our meeting because of the weather. I thought, “It will all be melted by morning.”

I was wrong! I was surprised and excited when I woke up to six inches of snow! I ran outside in my pajamas and started taking pictures. I love snow! We ended up having about twenty-five friends over to sled ride. We built a fire, I baked cookies and served up lots of hot chocolate. Later, we had some friends over for chili. That was also spontaneous and fun. It was an awesome day! Unexpected surprises are the best, and that’s what today was for me.

I did have other plans today. My house is in desperate need of a deep cleaning. That was on the agenda, but it didn’t happen. I was worried about it and talked to my husband. He said, “The kids are going to have great memories of this snow day, whether the house was clean or not.” Good perspective. When exactly did my husband and I switch personalities anyway? I used to be the laid back one.

There was another miracle today as well. I finished school with my son! Usually we have late night Sunday homework correcting marathons, but not this week. Yes! We need to make a habit of this.

This is the kind of week it’s been. Nothing turned out exactly like I planned, but we got to spend a lot of time with people. All in all, it was a productive week. My house needs some attention for sure, but Joshua has a few days off work next week and I think I will be able to get caught up. However, for now, I am going to sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open and tomorrow is another busy day. Goodnight!

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