Foggy Lane Farm

Foggy Lane Farm


Well, after nine years we have finally settled on a name for our farm. We have talked about it over the years, but could never settle on a name. Today, on a whim, everybody made up a name and then we did it the democratic way. We voted, and Meredith’s entry won. Foggy Lane Farm it is!

We have been making some big plans. To start with, my husband is buying me a greenhouse. I am so excited about this! I love to garden, and now I will be able to do it year round. I plan to grow all of my plants from seed this year, and I hope to have enough seedlings to share.

Next up is that we will be getting three to five acres fenced in and getting a dairy cow. This is an idea that I had to warm up to. If you have followed my blog, you know that I had a traumatic event with my neighbor’s dairy cow last year. Basically, I tried to milk her, and then she died. It wasn’t my fault. She had septic mastitis. But still, I wish I had realized that she was sick and in pain. I had never milked a cow. I had never even personally met a cow before Bessie, and she was so sweet. And then she died and I felt like the black widow of milking cows. But, I have come around and to the idea again. My neighbor got a new cow as well. Our cow will be ready to start milking this spring. Hers will be ready to milk at just about the time mine will need to be bred again. I think that we are going to take turns milking each other’s cows. We need one more cow so that we can have a constant supply. Who’s in? I look forward to making homemade butter, yogurt, ice cream and possibly cheese.

My youngest daughter, Elisabeth, wants to raise goats, so we plan to get her some meat goats to raise. Our kids have each invested some of their own money into calves that are being raised for meat. We will keep half of one and sell the rest. They are not on our farm, but next time around we may try to keep them here.

Unfortunately all of our bee colonies have died, so we will be getting more bees in a few weeks. We are going from two hives to four. Two of them belong to my daughter and my husband and I own the other two. Our honey sells very quickly. We want to have a box or two just to stock our own pantry.

We already have laying hens, but we will also be adding ducks. My son Nathaniel really wants to raise ducks, so this will be his project. I am excited, because I love using duck eggs when I bake. Speaking of baking, my daughters want to make and sell baked goods. We have a large blackberry patch, so we will make blackberry jam as well. It will be a busy few weeks when the blackberries come in. My son Daniel is going to be the chief picker. It’s a big job!

And of course, I will be gardening all summer long. I am narrowing down what I have, but I hope to have enough stuff to preserve and to let the kids have a farm stand. I haven’t told my husband yet, but we are going to have to expand the garden a bit. I always have a tiny herb garden. I would like to have a bigger one this year.

I don’t think we are going to make our first million by having a working farm, but we enjoy farming. We like to give the kids opportunities to have small businesses. I like to eat local, and it doesn’t get much more local than your own back yard. I am very excited about all of it!

For my next post, I will tell you how we got our farm. It’s a pretty neat story, and a dream come true.

P.S. The lovely photo above was taken by Meredith.

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