Winter Walks-Frozen Tears

Winter Walks-Frozen Tears

This will be short and sweet. I have been trying to walk every day through the winter. Today was my wintriest winter walk so far, because it’s cold out there! It’s twenty-one degrees, so I decided to stick close to home and walk the driveway rather than go for a hike through the woods.

As I walk, I pray. Today  as I walked, I was thanking the Lord for His goodness in my life. That’s when the tears started. They froze on my face almost as soon as they came out! But, don’t worry. They are happy tears.

Someday I will share my whole testimony, but you have to understand that my life is a miracle. I was not what my kids would call “a church kid”. I am not where I am in life right now because I was a good person or because I picked myself up by the bootstraps and climbed out of a hard place. I am here because of the love and kindness of God. I am who I am because of His grace and mercy and fatherhood. When I remember these things, I cry.

My cheeks sting from the tears, but my heart is full of joy.

 “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now am found,

Was blind, but now I see.”

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