A Quick Post

A Quick Post

I have not posted in a while. This will be short and sweet. It’s Thanksgiving week and that means a lighter school week for us. It also means less extra-curricular activities. This is a very good thing! My plan is to spend the week getting my house in order. It’s a mess!

Speaking of extra-curriculars, we are cutting some things out. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I will be glad to simplify life. We are too busy! We are cutting back and condensing. On the other hand, I’m a little sad. There are some things that we have invested a lot of time, money and energy into. I wonder if stopping those things is the right thing. I hope that our investments were not in vain. For the most part, I am pretty okay with the decisions that we are making.

There is some exciting stuff happening on the Huffman farm. We are getting ready to buy some calves. We are purchasing some additional land around us, as well as a large lean to shed. We are considering what kind of animals we can raise. I would absolutely love it if we could raise all our own meat. We did get two deer this hunting season. We process our own deer, so I consider that free, local raised, organic meat. We have an adorable little hen and rooster living on our back porch. I love to hear the rooster crow. The early frost has made walks through the woods much easier. I have been walking the fields and tromping through the woods every morning. It’s beautiful! We have lived here for nine years and I am exploring areas that I have not yet explored. I’m getting a vision for things that we can do with our land. I love it!

I was thinking the other day about the different stages that my children are in. My baby just turned five and my oldest will be turning sixteen in a few months. We are working on everything from learning to read to to purchasing first vehicles. I feel like I should be an expert at this parenting/homeschooling thing by now, but I’m really not. Every kid is so different!

With each child, I am always thinking about their next step and preparing them for it. It surprised me a little the other day when I realized that the next step for my fifteen year old is adulthood. She will graduate from high school in two and a half years. That’s just crazy!

A few weeks ago she asked if she could read some of my old journals. It was a special time together. We sat on my bed and she read aloud out of the journal that I kept when I was pregnant with her. We both cried. I had three miscarriages before her and every entry began with, “Well, I’m still pregnant.” I was terrified of losing her. There were entries where I pleaded with with her to live. I promised God that I would never hold her back from the things that God was calling her to. Then we read from the journal that I kept while she was a little girl. I forgot how naughty and strong-willed she was! We laughed as we read about some of the things that she did and the battles we had. She’s come a long way! She’s still stubborn and strong-willed, but in a good way. She loves the Lord and is not afraid to live in a way that may look different from the way the world says a fifteen year old should live. I’m glad that I kept a journal and can look back at how she has grown. I need to do the same for the younger kids.

There is a lot more I could write about, but a fight has broken out over a pair of goggles and my son needs help with school. And, this house…oh boy! TTFN.

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