Slam the Door on Worry

Slam the Door on Worry

I was just thinking about a habit that I have developed. As I have stated before, I am a classic over thinker and a worrier. Things used to get bad when my kids were heading off on some adventure with my husband or friends. I had them maimed or kidnapped before they even arrived at their destination. I would pace the floors and chew my fingernails until they arrived safely back home. It was torture for me and them.

So, I decided to end it. I started chasing away the horrors that would pop into my head. For example, if I knew that my son was going to be climbing cliffs, I would simply not allow myself to think about it. I would pray for him, prepare him the best way I could and then let it go. As fears would creep in, I would slam that door shut in my mind. It’s an act of discipline for me.

This morning I was thinking about other worries that I have, regarding my children. In particular, I worry about their futures. I have no idea what is going to happen or what paths they will follow. It’s scary! But, this morning I decided that I will use that same technique. I am going to prepare them the best way that I know how. I will pray for them and I will slam the door on worry. Lord, please help me! Amen.

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