Adverbs, Friends and Meatballs

Adverbs, Friends and Meatballs

This morning when I woke up, I started mentally running through the list of everything that I had to do today. To be honest, I sat in bed with my arms folded and contemplated refusing to get up. I did get up though and I went to the living room, kneeled by the couch and offered the day up to the Lord. It was still busy, and at some points, my heart was racing from the stress of needing to be in so many places at once. (Or maybe it was the caffeine.) However, as I am back in bed tonight, I am once again contemplating, and I have to say, it was a good day.

One of the highlights of the day was substitute teaching a writing class at our homeschool co-op. I love teaching kids to write! It was a fun class. We were a little silly and and had a great time coming up with a list of creative adverbs. I think at least a few of the kids were just as ‘exuberantly’ excited as I was.

The thing that I found myself being extremely thankful for today was friends. I am beyond blessed! Today I was encouraged by a friend (Thanks Catherine!), and I had one friend bring my feet back down to the ground. I really need friends who can pull my head out of the clouds. (Thanks Melissa!) I also got to pray with a friend and share some of my quirky thoughts with her. (Thanks Natalie!) I also had a friend text me and ask me how she could pray for me! (Thanks Ellie!) The day ended with the best spaghetti and meatballs that I have ever had, as well as wisdom shared from a woman who met her love at 12, got engaged at 15, married at 16 and has loved her Georgie for fifty-one years. (Thanks Bonnie!)

Tomorrow is another crazy busy day, followed by another, and then another and then… Whew! Lord, use me wherever I go to love the people around me.  Amen and goodnight.

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