Fall Break Post

Fall Break Post

Fall break has been fun and exhausting. Today we rode bikes on the Legacy Trail in Lexington. I didn’t do much of it. One of the kids wasn’t feeling well, so I turned back with them. I didn’t mind! Pulling my little guy in the trailer up those hills was tough! It was a really beautiful day for a bike ride, even if it was a short one. Will loved it! When we got home, he told me to get the trailer out and said, “I want you to pull me around all night long.” Ha! Life must be rough for kids who have older moms.

Wait! Did I just call myself an older mom? Wow, Somedays I feel it more than others. This is one of those days!

Hopefully by tomorrow my energy will return. My house is a mess! My plan was to spend a lot of time cleaning this week and getting ready for a home appraisal next week. That didn’t happen, so I am going to have to hit it hard tomorrow. I have not winterized my gardens yet, and I hope to get that done this weekend as well.

In the midst of all of our fun today, i was reminded how others suffer. There is a man in the church that we work with in Mexico that is in the late stages of cancer. He is a good man who has been a faithful man in the church there. He is a husband and a father and he has quite a few children. Now he is in need of care. There is a lot of unrest in the city where he lives and he can’t always get the pain medicine that he needs. When I heard about this, it made me sad. My life is so easy. Even my worst days don’t compare to his suffering. I am praying for him.

It seems appropriate to end on that note. Plus, I can’t hold my eyes open much longer! Goodnight.

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