God is Good, Ya’ll!

God is Good, Ya’ll!

Wow! What a spectacular day! It’s a perfect 68 degrees. We had a bonfire last night and the fire is sill smoldering. I’m sitting outside on the adirondack, enjoying the gentle breeze the the smell of fire. This is perfect! Joshua has taken the little kids canoeing, the big kids are inside and my littlest guy is napping. That translates to, “It is quiet!” That’s a rarity around these parts. Also, the farm looks great and the house is clean. I could still think of things to do, but I am taking a mini sabbath.

God is good, ya’ll! My life is a testimony of His loving kindness. In these quiet moments, it hits me and I am overwhelmed. Life is beautiful. I have a husband who I love and would follow anywhere. I have loved him since I was nineteen, but I remember the moment (one of them!) that I knew that this was love and not a crush. We were on a mission trip to Mexico and I was watching him serve the sick and the poor. I saw how much he loved people and I knew that, no matter what, for the rest of my life, I wanted to go where he went and give myself to what he was given to. I didn’t know if I would be his wife or a friend, but I was committed to serving with him. I was delighted when I realized that he loved me back. He was and still is the desire of my heart. I am blessed!

 And, we have five kids! I get to be their mom! That’s amazing! I love being their mom. There was a time when I didn’t know if we would ever have children. I lost three babies and I was quickly losing hope that I would ever get to hold a child of my own. God has given me five! (And three are waiting for me in Heaven.) I am blessed beyond measure.

  Well, I could go on and on, but I need to end abruptly. Let’s call this one “To be continued”. I need to get inside and correct some schoolwork.

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