A Fluid Summer

A Fluid Summer

    This seems to be the ever changing summer. I like to make plans, and I confess, I don’t like it when my plans get changed. However, this summer, I’ve just kind of thrown my hands in the air and declared, “Whatever!” It’s been a forced maneuver really, because everything keeps changing. Honestly though, I can’t complain. the deal is that I keep trying to fill my plate, and then someone comes along and clears it. What I thought was going to be our craziest summer yet is actually turning out to be not so crazy. (I wont say ‘not crazy’ because that isn’t possible in my house.)

    Mostly I am a chauffeur this summer. I drive kids to work, appointments, to Latin class, to music camp, music lessons, Psat prep classes, get togethers, etc. Summer school was a major part of my plans this summer, but that has fallen through. Instead I will be putting on my chauffeur cap and and transporting the summer school candidate to speech therapy and various other appointments. The plan has become coming up with a new plan for the fall. Can I just say that I don’t mind summer school being removed from my plate? 

  The truth is that I have pretty much been doing around the year schooling for three years now. It used to be that I would get excited as fall approached. I would get the classroom ready, make out the schedule and anticipate starting day. I haven’t had a starting date in quite a while. I have had adding in days, but there has not been a break from schooling. Another confession…brace yourself. This has kind of worn me out.  I used to love homeschooling, but recently I feel like I am just keeping my head above the water, barely. It used to be that I was excited to learn new things with the kids, but in recent years, its been more about checking things off the list. So, yes, I am thankful for a change of pace this summer. I think that my struggling learning is more desperate for a change of pace than I am. 

   In spite of the fluidness of this summer, I am still making plans. I am going to read to my children a lot this summer. Last night I read aloud to them and they were all there. The fifteen year old tried to look like she wasn’t that interested, the thirteen, ten and nine year olds were completely engrossed, and the four year old will be able to sit still and listen by the end of the summer. I read to my older kids a ton, but the three younger ones have not been read to as much. I want to reincorporate this habit of reading to my children back into my life. There is just something special about reading a story together. It has many benefits, but one of my favorite benefits is the way that it seems to connect hearts. Other plans include exploring with the kids, spending time with friends, getting the house in order and, of course, gardening. My husband is working a lot this summer, but we bought some adirondack chairs for our anniversary. We plan to spend time sitting out by the garden together.

  We do have a vacation planned this summer. It’s a conference trip for my husband, but he usually finishes by noon. We will be staying in a little house with a boardwalk that leads right down to the beach. I look forward to looking for shells, cooking fresh seafood, reading and dolphin spotting. My littlest guy has asked me at least a hundred times if I will build a sandcastle with him. I am  just as excited as he is. My History buffs are excited to explore Fort Sumter. I am excited to explore some of the Charleston gardens. I’m trying to convince my husband to let us stop in Asheville so that I can see Biltmore Estate. I am counting the days until we leave!

  That is our summer plan, as of right now. it could all change, but I like the way its looking now, so I hope it doesn’t.

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