Goodbye, Robot

Goodbye, Robot

   The upstairs part of my house is nearly purged now. The charity truck is coming tomorrow, so I need to kick it into high gear. I do a purge every year, but I think this is my most adventurous one. Of course, there was a really big one a few years back. I got rid of all of my baby stuff. All of it! And then, a week later, we got a phone call about a little boy that needed a forever family. I started over from scratch, but thankfully I had some friends that were purging their baby stuff right about then as well. This time, I have the baby stuff safely tucked away. (For  friend’s babies, the grandchildren, and the nieces and nephews)

   I have gotten everybody in the house on the purging kick, which has resulted in some important things, like my son’s untaken math test, being thrown away. But, in general only good has come from it. Things are neater and easier to keep that way. The kids seem to be enjoying what they have and not always looking for something else to pull out. I feel surprisingly less stressed. When my little boy says, “Mommy, I want you to sit down and hold me,” I sit down and hold him without feeling like there are a hundred other things that I need to be doing. 

   The truth about me is that I have a tendency to be a pack rat. There was even a period in my life where I could have been called a hoarder. I mean, I didn’t have dead cats buried under mountains of trash or anything, but I held onto “stuff” and felt an emotional attachment to it. It’s still there a little bit and I have to talk myself out of keeping things.

   For example, yesterday I was cleaning out one of the bedrooms upstairs. I found the old robot that my son got for his birthday years ago. He loved that thing. We all got some laughs from it’s crazy antics. When I pulled it off a shelf my heart went, “Awe. Nathaniel loved this thing. I can’t get rid of it.” Then, I snapped out of it and remembered why we laughed. It’s a rude, farting, burping robot! To that I said, “Goodbye, Robot!” I said goodbye to plenty of other things as well. The bug collection with the cracked glass on the case, broken toy guns and beloved puzzles whose pieces may show up later. I hauled 3 bags of trash out of there and the charity box is still being filled. It already looks so much roomier in there and I feel lighter.

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