Summ, Summ, Summertime!

Summ, Summ, Summertime!

   Our school year is wrapping up! And our summer school is getting ready to kick into high gear. Yep. It’s shaping up to be a busy summer. I have one kiddo who will be taking Latin over this summer, another who will be studying for the PSAT, and another who I will be working with on a daily basis. My 3rd grader will be doing some online school over the summer, just to make sure that she is all ready for 4th grade. Also, while the pace is a little slower, I am hoping to do some fun activities with my preschooler. During the school year he is often sitting at my feet playing cars or off building train tracks. I want to have some special time with him, painting, making play doh, making an alphabet book, reading and playing.  And of course, there will be music and gardening. My nine-year-old will be going to her first fiddle competition in June. There will be a visit from my mom, a work conference/beach vacation, our homeschool co-op family camp, cookouts, and occasional  afternoons sitting by the pool with friends, and hopefully some reading time for me. My oldest daughter will have her first real job this summer. She will be cleaning at a nearby inn twice a week.

We are going to take a two week break between the end of school and the beginning of summer school. The first week is set aside for some major cleaning. I am going to do a major house purge. I’ll be focusing on kids’ rooms and my school room, but every room needs it. It has already begun.

   One bedroom has been decluttered, Many legos have been donated. Containers have been thrown away! Remaining Legos are now being stored on a giant play mat that closes up into a bag and it placed in the closet after playing. That child has been informed that any legos found on the floor will go directly to the trash. (Yes, I’m mean like that!)

   My oldest daughter, who is in charge of all the kids’ laundry, has been instructed to aggressively donate clothes that are too small and unworn, and to throw away ripped and stained clothing. I went through the living room and cleaned out the coat closet and got rid of a lot of clutter. That room has been the one room that almost always looks de-cluttered. I did the same in the kitchen, but it is already  looking cluttered again. Clearly I am going to have to be a little more aggressive in there. It’s much easier to clean when I don’t have to move clutter from one place to another.

  I can’t remember the name of the show that I used to watch, but they would go into someone’s house and remove everything. They would have a pile of stuff to keep, a pile to sell and a pile of trash. The keep pile usually ended up being the smallest pile. I need to do that! Basically, we end up with so much “stuff’. I have to clean and organize that stuff. It’s very time consuming! I just want to live simply, have what we need and live in a clutter free environment. So, if anyone wants to come help me drag all my stuff outside into piles, come on over! I’m too busy for a yard sale, so you can take whatever you want from my sell pile.

    The second week off will hopefully involve a little fun. We talked about taking a trip, but we are leaning against that now. We may do a few day trips. We love going to Cincinnati. We enjoy the zoo and there is a mall there that I love. It has a Pottery Barn, a Crate and Barrel and a Container Store! Need I say more? (I will not re-clutter, I will not re-clutter..) We are also talking about taking the kids to Kings Island. We haven’t been there in years.

   After that, it’s back to work. My husband is working pretty much every day this summer, other than the week he will take off for his conference in July.  

  So, that’s our summer! It sounds doable, right? Will it play out like I have it planned out in my head? We shall see!


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