Rambling About our Busyness

Rambling About our Busyness

Wow. It’s been nine days since I have written. I’m trying to think of reasons why. I guess it has been pretty busy. My husband is in the midst of a month long “work-a-thon” which always means lots more running around for me. I guess I’m spoiled because he normally works a week, then has a week off. This means that on his off week, he does a lot of the running. Running in our house means taking kids to music lessons, orchestra, school activities, appointments, etc.
As of right now, we have music lessons 4 days a week. It’s usually only three, but my husband and three of the kids are getting ready for their first performance as a bluegrass family band. They are temporarily meeting with their teacher to practice twice a week. I just realized that for my son, this means that he has music lessons with his regular teacher one day, orchestra on another, and band practice on another. He’s a busy kid! My 8 year old daughter is taking violin lessons as well as mandolin. She currently has lessons 3 days per week.
My 15 year old daughter started her first real job last week. She is working at a nearby inn, and is enjoying it. She also has been very busy between her school load, her music (guitar) and now her job.The theme here seems to be that everybody in my family is crazy busy. And some of us are crazy tired. And others are just plain…well, never mind.
On top of everything else, our church is hosting a C.S. Lewis book club, which I would love to participate in. I love C.S. Lewis! But I don’t see how I can add one more thing into the lot right now. I’m still thinking though this one. One idea that just now hit me is that maybe I could do the book club with my younger kids. It would definitely be educational for them, and I would love doing it with them. This could work!
Oh! Did I mention that I’m going to start milking a cow this week? I laugh every time I think about it. I can’t actually believe that I am going to milk a cow every day (or every other, I really don’t have any idea what is involved here). It seems like a crazy dream. Reality will hit tomorrow though, when I get my first milking lesson. (I laughed again! Can’t help it.)
Well, that’s all. Sorry it’s not a very deep or thought provoking post. But this is my journal after all, and someday I’ll look back at this phase of life and I’ll think to myself…

Okay. I don’t know what I will think to myself. That’s all. Goodnight.

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