More on Faith…and Gardens

More on Faith…and Gardens

 Well, my little guy is better. He’s been his happy-happy-joy-joy self today. I hear him downstairs giggling and chasing his sister. I am so glad. And while I shared the other night that I have “responsible faith”, I have to say that it wasn’t modern medicine that made my son better. I took him to he doctor twice and both times he said it was a virus and it would run it’s course. We are talking 105.2 temperatures here! My boy was feeling pretty awful. He was still very sick yesterday, so I took him back to the doctor. As I was leaving to go to the doctor, I very specifically asked some friends to pray for him. The doctor did a chest x-ray and some blood work. Everything looked okay, so the doctor sent me home once again, saying it needed to run it’s course. Within hours of returning home, he was well. He was running around and playing, after four days of laying on the couch. Maybe it ran it’s course and he suddenly felt like a million bucks, but I think it was the prayer.  

  I also thought about faith yesterday as I was working on my garden. I tilled the fertilizer into the soil. I made rows and mounds. I planted the seeds, and I watered them. If I didn’t do any of those things, I wouldn’t have a garden. Maybe a few volunteer plants would come up here and there, but the weeds would most likely choke them out. If you want a good garden, you have to work. However, no amount of hard work can make those seeds grow and produce. God miraculously makes things grow. I do my part, in faith, believing that if I plant those seeds, God will cause them to grow. Also, I find it amazing that some of the tiniest seeds produce the most fruit. There is a life application here. Do you see it?

  Guess what! Today is my birthday! It’s also my mom’s birthday. (Happy birthday, Mom!) Forty-two has been both difficult and wonderful. It was a year of finally seeing myself, and then coming to the end of myself. Praise God!

   So, my family is taking me out to eat tonight. We are going to P.F. Changs and I plan to order banana spring rolls for dessert. I’m not sure that there will be any birthday candles involved, but I still get a birthday wish, right? I’ve been thinking about my wish for this next year of my life. It’s for fruit. I want to see the garden of my life bloom and produce. What that means, is that I want to bring glory to my heavenly Father and life to the people around me.

 That’s all for now. I need to finish up some school with the kids before we go out. Enjoy the beautiful weekend! 


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