Another Sleepless Night

Another Sleepless Night

I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. My littlest guy has been sick since Monday with a fever. The doctor thinks it’s a virus, and says we should see improvement tomorrow. I sure hope he’s right! We are sitting at a 105 temperature tonight. This mama is scared for her baby. I’m putting a lot of trust in the pediatrician and my husband, who also happens to be a doctor. I’m trusting in their knowledge and experience with these things. I’m a mom of five, I’ve cared for a couple of foster babies, and this is the first 105 temperature that I have dealt with. But they’ve seen it many times.
Most of all, I am putting my faith in God. It’s not an irresponsible faith. I’ve consulted the doctors. I am very thankful for a pediatrician who directly answers his after hours phone and makes himself available for me to show up at the office with ten minutes notice! Consulting the doctor doesn’t mean I lack faith. It means that I know God uses doctors and medicine to bring healing. But I believe that it is by the knowledge and resources that He has provided. Before we saw a doctor, my first call went out to God. Even now I am consulting with Him and asking him to reach down and heal my son. And the good news is, the fever has gone down. Maybe little Will and I will both get some sleep now. If you read this tonight, please pray for my sweet boy. (And this very tired mama could use some prayer as well.)

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