Good Morning!

Good Morning!

I am sitting here at my kitchen table, waiting for the sun to rise. I’m pretty sure it’s raining outside, which means that I won’t be able to plant my blueberry bushes today. It does mean, however, that my husband might actually rest today. I am married to the hardest working man on the planet! This week he has been doctor by night, and farmer by day. He worked hard yesterday revamping the chicken coop, and then he left for work. I hope he got to sleep a little bit in the call room.
Yesterday, while the hubs was working hard on the farm, I went and had a two hour coffee break at Starbucks. It was lovely. I got to talk adoption with a friend who is considering that option. That is a topic that I am very passionate about, and I love talking to people about it.
It also just so happens that I called our social worker the other day to ask a question, and was told that they need foster homes badly, especially medically fragile providers. That’s what we have done in the past. I am asking the Lord to make it very clear to us if He wants us to reopen that door. It’s something that I love doing, and we would love to adopt another child, but it’s a very big commitment. The Bible says that the Lord opens and closes the womb. Well, in the case of adoption, in my experience, it’s also the Lord who opens and closes the doors. Is this the Lord opening the door? Or, did I obtain this information so that I could share it with my friend?
I have thought that when my children are older, I would like to take care of medically fragile babies, just until they are healthy and ready to return home, or until there permanent families are found. I really do love caring for preemies and fattening up failure to thrive babies. I am so thankful to the wonderful older couple that took care of Will before he came home to us. They made all the difference in his little life, even going to the NICU everyday to be with him. I would love to pay it forward someday. And certainly, I am open to doing it now, and adopting another child, if that is God’s will for us.
Well, I am leaving town for a women’s retreat tomorrow. I need to get the house in order today. I am taking my oldest daughter with me this year, so Joshua will be here with the four youngest, and the baby lamb. I am sure they will have fun. I’m sure that I will as well!
So, off I go! Time to wake up kids and get things going.

Lord, direct my paths today so that I can be in the very center of Your will, accomplishing Your purposes and bringing You glory. Amen

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