I went to bed ay 9:00 last night and am now up bright and early. My husband has been working some crazy hours, so he went to bed early. I decided to send everyone to bed a little early, in order to get the house quiet.

   The house is silent this morning, except for the ticking of the kitchen clock, and the dogs howling at something outside. Our old dog, Hunter, didn’t come in last night. This means that he will come in stiff and achey. He will collapse on his pillow in the living room and groan loudly when we are too noisy. It’s a critter chasing hangover. He’s a good dog! Every winter I wonder how many more winters he will have with us. There he is! Barking at the window, asking to be let in the house.

   It feels like it’s going to be a beautiful day! I need to get out and work in the garden. My big project that I want to do before the vegetable garden gets going strong is to stake up the blackberry bushes and create grass paths between the rows. I’m excited about gardening this year. My friend Jenni has helped me plan out the garden and it’s going to be awesome. Organizing things is not a strength of mine. Jenni’s plans promise to bring order and bounty. 

   I am thankful for a week that is not as busy as normal. The public schools are on spring break, which means that orchestra and music lessons are cancelled this week. I am feeling pretty good about the fact that the house is in good shape. I am working to stay on top of things. The laundry is caught up. We had to have a tough conversation with some of th kids last night, about being faithful to their work here at home. Life just goes smoother when things are clean and organized.

   Speaking of “things”. I’ve been considering a question that our Pastor asked a couple of weeks ago.

“Does all of your stuff reflect God’s goal in your life?” It’s a good question, and one that I have been asking myself every time I consider getting something new. When our old refrigerator received it’s death sentence, I didn’t have to buy a fancy fridge. I could have bought one just like I had before. But, Joshua and I talked and decided that with our growing family, and the amount of people that we have in and out of our home, it would be good to have a bigger fridge. God has given us five children and God has called us to open our home and share what we have. Therefore, it does reflect God’s goal in our life. Then, it turned out that I got a great deal and got that humongous fridge for half off. (Yay!) 

 There have also been a few things that I have not bought, because of that question. The UPS man has only made one trek up our driveway in the past three weeks. It used to be that when I thought of any little thing that we needed for school or the house, I would hop online and order it. I’m holding off now. I’m making due with what we have, buying things locally and going to the library to borrow books. It’s been good! I’ve found the best little hardware store that sells seeds, I’ve had multiple conversations with the folks at the farm store, I am seeing the desperate  state of people in our community as I shop at Walmart. And, I am not wasting money or acquiring  stuff that we don’t actually need. Often times I will write something down on my shopping list, and will then discover that I don’t need that. Before, as soon as a “need” popped into my head, I would fulfill it by ordering immediately.  

  Another thing about my “stuff” is that I have started thinking of it as “God’s stuff’. After all, everything that I have is because of His goodness to me. I want to be a good steward of His stuff, and I want to use it to love His people and bring Him glory. That question was one of five that our pastor asked, but it has given me enough food for thought to last a lifetime, I think.

  Well, I guess I better wake up my household. The silence has been lovely, but it’s time to get moving. (But I may sneak in one more cup of coffee.

Have a great day!

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