Sometimes the blessings just flow!

Sometimes the blessings just flow!

A few weeks ago I had this thought. I thought, “Our family is outgrowing our fridge! I sure wish we could get one of those fancy double door fridges.” That was all. Just a thought. Then, my fridge broke! It leaked water everywhere and made a big mess. I had to call the repair man twice, because they didn’t fix the problem the first time. The second time the man informed us that it wasn’t repairable. There was water trapped inside and there was no way to get it out.
Sears gave us a $500 voucher to put towards a new one. I got on line and they were having a big sale. Joshua told me to get a really big one, and I happily shopped. I ended up getting an amazing deal!
I called to order it and the man said I would be waiting six to twelve weeks. The other fridge was functional, so I was fine with that.
Imagine my surprise when today a Sears truck came up my driveway! There was no warning. It’s only been four days! It was a wonderful surprise. What an awesome fridge! Thank you, Heavenly Father! (And Sears…and Joshua.) I am blessed.


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