Up Late

Up Late

It’s 11:30 and I’m still up, and will be up for at least a couple of more hours. I’m feeling a little discouraged and anxious tonight. Maybe it’s the fatigue talking. Or hormones. Or just that it’s been a bit of a rough evening.  It seems that everyone in my house is a bit emotional tonight. Five out of seven of us have cried at some point tonight, all about completely different things. I won’t bore you with the list of things that are bothering everyone. It’s just a weird kind of night.

We have a busy week ahead of us. Tomorrow morning I have a doctors appointment and one of the kids has music lessons. After that I am getting together with some friends to pray, and then I pick the kids up from school and head home. One Tuesday afternoon the boys have dentist appointments and my oldest daughter has an orthodontist appointment. Then my son has orchestra. It looks like we get to stay home on Wednesday.  Thursday we have co-op and more music lessons.  I don’t like it when we have to be out of the house so much. In one way it makes us more productive because we don’t have time to waste, but in other ways we seem to get behind on things. The main area that seems to suffer is the house and the laundry. I hate to say it, but I am already behind in those areas. I need a plan! So, I am going to make a plan right here and now. I hope you don’t mind. (First I need to tend to a child on the verge of a panic attack.)

(FYI-I school the little kids Tuesday through Saturday so that I can have Mondays to run errands while the big kids are at Mars hill)

Monday-Doctors appointment, lunch, violin lessons, prayer, pick up kids, plant strawberries, make dinner, after dinner fold and put away laundry and wipe down bathrooms

Tuesday-School, dentist, orthodontist, N to orchestra then home to cook dinner. After dinner -dust, sweep and mop mudroom, kitchen, office and living room floors

Wednesday-School, have kids work on laundry and bedrooms. Dust and vacuum all bedrooms and wash sheets. Sweep upstairs hallway and stairs. Wipe down bathrooms and sweep and mop bathroom floors. 30 minutes out in the garden. Cook dinner, after dinner-pack co-op lunches, Gather stuff to door

Thursday-Co-op, violin, Marshall’s for baby gift, hobby lobby to get treat bags for women’s retreat, make dinner. After dinner-Clean up mudroom and living room,bake cupcakes, laundry

Friday-School, clean schoolroom, decorate cupcakes, make macaroni and cheese for shower, make dinner

Saturday-School, Clean kitchen, wipe down bathrooms and clean tubs, clean basement, garden

That help me a bit to see that I can school, run a gazillion errands and keep the house cleaned. Now, lets just see if everything goes as planned. Now I am off to staple homework and help a kid load their backpack. My eyes can’t stay open for much longer.

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