A Testimony!

A Testimony!

   What an amazing day! I’m sitting outside as I write, soaking up some Vitamin D. Today I stopped and bought some corn seeds, beet seeds and strawberry plants. My friend Jenni is coming over after work and we are going to play in the dirt. I can hardly wait!

  My two big kids went with some friends to see “God’s Not Dead”. They said it was a very powerful movie and it brought them both to tears. I am excited to see it.

 While they were at the movies, I took Will back to the eye doctor. He was surprisingly happy to be there and he cooperated fully. The tech examined him, and then the resident examined him. I was holding my breath as the doctor came in. Last time he made it through the first two exams, but decided enough was enough by the time the doctor came in. Today, however, he was great! We have been going to this doctor for about a year and half now. We have been desperately trying to avoid him having eye surgery. He almost died from a reaction to anesthesia as an infant, and we would like to avoid another such reaction.

 So, over the past few months we have had good reports. But, when the doctor examined him today, she was a little grim. The turning has gotten worse. She was explaining why surgery was necessary. Then, out of the blue she said, “Let me try one more thing.” She explained that occasionally (rarely) she has patients who’s eyes turn, but their eyes are actually working together. She said we would try this, but she wasn’t hopeful. Well, Guess what! Our boy passed that test with flying colors! (Literally, since he had to identify floating colors.) Yay! I about cried and I think maybe the doctor was close to it herself. She told Will that he just saved himself from having surgery. We don’t have to go back for seven months. I have no doubt that God gave her the idea to do that test. Praise God! I know that He would have protected our son if he had to have the surgery, but I am extremely thankful that He made provisions that prevented it.

 I texted my daughter and told her the news. She said that she got the text just as the song, “God’s Not Dead” started to play. She had even more reason to believe. 

  Yes. It’s been a great day so far. Now I need to get some work done before Jenni comes. 

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