We drove home from vacation yesterday. Today was mostly spent unpacking and putting away. I did have one excursion this morning. I went with some friends to the Amish grocery store. It is a scratch and dent store. Basically, as grocery stores get rid of things that are out of season or close to their expiration, they load those items into a semi. Then, those loads are auctioned off. The buyers don’t know what they are going to get until after the auction. This little grocery store sells those items, and it always has an interesting assortment of things. Today was a good shopping day! They had tons of gluten free cereal bars and gluten free baking mixes. Little Will spotted a box of Enjoy Life bars and yelled, “Look. Mommy! These don’t make me sick!” He was excited about the bars. I was excited about the price! $.75? Yes, please!

We also stopped at a little Amish Deli. There were all kinds of cheeses and meats at very good prices. I left with four pounds of cheese, three pounds of lunchmeat, some homemade butter and a five pound bag of oats. I spent $24 at the deli and $20 at the scratch and dent. It was totally worth the trip and it was fun to be with friends.

After we got home, our friend Kimmy took the kids on a walk at the Jim Beam Nature Preserve, since Nathaniel needed to visit a preserve and write a report for Science class. While they were gone, I got to work unpacking. Things are pretty much in order now. Kimmy also made us some lasagna for dinner, so I didn’t have to cook.  Thanks, Kimmy!  I feel pretty happy about the fact that everything is put away.

I also spent some time outside today. It was a beautiful day! I went to the doctor last week for a physical. I have been very tired. She did some blood work and we found out that my vitamin D levels are very low. Also, Ive been gaining weight. So, the conclusion is that I need to exercise more and spend more time outside. The thought of making time for both of these things was stressing me out! But, as always, Joshua had a solution. The plan is that I will spend 30 minutes a day working on the farm. This way I get exercise and sun. Plus, the garden is going to be awesome! My husband is a genius.

Tomorrow morning the kids and I will got to church. Then I need to go to the grocery store and get ready to host our home fellowship meeting. For now, I am going to go to bed. Goodnight!

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