Another Beautiful Day

Another Beautiful Day

I’m having a little quiet time. Joshua took some of the kids to the pool. Will is quietly snoring. We went to Animal Kingdom this morning. The safari ride was amazing. They have changed it a lot since last year. They took out the silly hunting for poachers part. Our guide was a great teacher and taught us a lot about the animals. We saw more animals than we have seen on previous trips. It was great. For lunch we ate at Tusker House. It had all of our favorite foods! We love Indian and African food. This was a combination of both! I made a point of riding some of the rides that I don’t usually ride, because my big kids enjoy it when I do. I am not sure if they enjoy my company, or laughing at me. Either way, we are making memories. I did Kali rapids and didn’t get soaked. It was a lot of fun! And I did the dinosaur ride. I laughed hysterically the whole time. Meredith says that she learned in Logic that laughter is actually a panic reaction. Maybe that’s what was going on, but honestly, it was a lot of fun.

I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tonight. I love this vacation! So far it’s been the perfect balance of scheduled fun and hanging loose. I hope that we get some time to explore our resort. I’m still looking for the baby zebras and giraffes.

That’s the update for today. To sum it up, I am having a wonderful time with my family. It’s been such a busy time in our lives and it’s been nice to get away together. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity.

P.S. My proud mom moment for the day was when Nathaniel and I were on the bus. They were out of seats and Nathaniel offered his to a mom that was standing. He always does this, as his dad has taught him well. The mom was speechless for a moment and then took his offer. Her and her husband both had the biggest smiles all the way to the park. I could tell that they were very blessed.


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