7:00 Bedtime…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

7:00 Bedtime…Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

  When Nathaniel was two he had a little toy guitar. He made up a song that went, “8:00 bedtime. Yeah, yeah, yeah!” We’ve been singing that little tune ever since, adjusting the time as the kids have gotten older. Here at Disney World, it’s bedtime at 7:00 for the second night in a row. Yes! Is it wrong that this may be my favorite part of the whole trip? I am tired. I have been tired for many months and this feels so good.

  Oh yeah, Magic Kingdom was awesome. We got to see the new Fantasyland parade. The floats were amazing. There was an actual fire-breathing dragon float. Very cool! The food was great. We had fun at the pool. And now I am in bed. I may actually read. Or, sleep, for ten hours. 

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