Our lamb died. It’s sad, but so far no real tears have fallen yet. I guess we all knew it was a possibility. We were hopeful because he was so vigorous yesterday, but by last night he seemed lethargic and Meredith said he was sneezing.

I am pretty sure there will be some tears when Will finds out. The poor little guy has been longing for a baby brother or sister. He instantly started referring to the lamb as “my brother’. The quote of the day yesterday was, “Hey! My brother poops in a box!” Nathaniel was hoping he didn’t go around broadcasting that.

I did give little warnings throughout the day yesterday, letting the kids know that he might not make it. I felt a little guilty because the kids would look at me like I was so mean for saying that. I tried to mostly be hopeful, but I had a sense that the little guy had a lot going against him.

I told my girls that they made his one day of life very special. He had as much love and care as any orphaned lamb could have had.

Well, its 2:50 A.M. I better get some sleep. Goodnight.

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