Snow Day

Snow Day

We didn’t get as much snow as was forecasted, but thankfully, we didn’t get ice either. Schools did get cancelled today. Every snow this winter seems to have hit on Sunday night, which means that my big kids have gotten four snow days. That’s a lot when you consider that they only have class one day a week. (They do their assignments at home.)

We have exciting plans for our snow day! There will be some schooling, because I’m a mean mom (who wants a summer break). Also, we will be doing some major purging. We have a certain closet and a certain child’s room that are always a mess. To me, this indicates that we have too much stuff to deal with in those areas. Bye bye stuff! This is my fifteen-year-olds favorite thing to do, so she has already started. Woo hoo!

It will be a busy week of schooling and getting the house in order. Plus, I have to get our ice maker fixed, have a new sump pump put in and get my van fixed. I’ll be working hard until Friday night. And then…..SPRING BREAK!! Which reminds me, I need to add packing to my to do list. 😉

On another topic, our neighbor has a mama sheep who has been struggling. The vet came the other night and said that she wasn’t going to make it. Our neighbors are elderly and sick, so our other neighbors and us have been looking after her. I went to check on her last night. She is still very weak, but the babies are still moving and she actually drank some water for me. Later on the other neighbor went over to give her some hay. She actually ate some! I am hoping that she will be doing better this morning. I still think it will be a miracle if she survives. Poor thing. Lots of prayers have been going up for her.

The situation with the sheep is sad, but I do enjoy what our little one lane road has become. When I first moved here eight years ago, I was very lonely. There was nobody my age, nobody with kids my age. I didn’t know my next door neighbors. It has changed though as new neighbors have come. Now there are other homeschooled kids to play with. We regularly get together with our neighbors for meals or coffee. We take care of each other and watch out for each other. Caring for this sheep is just another example of our togetherness. I love it.  We still don’t know some of the old neighbors, but the new generation of neighbors are very close. I love where we live now. I tell my friends Ellie and Meaghan that they are here because I prayed them here.

Well, I better get going here. Chaos in ensuing.

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