Home From Church

Home From Church

Today we stayed home from church. I woke up with a yucky cold yesterday morning. Joshua is off to work. I hope he will make it home tonight. The bad weather is already hitting.

I went for a little walk around the farm a few minutes ago, scouting out logs in case we lose power. It was quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Birds were chirping, and our neighborhood ringneck pheasant honked at me from the woods. I checked on my fruit trees and blackberry patch. I stood at the garden plot for a moment, envisioning the bounty that we will have this summer. I also stopped by to say hello to the chickens.

It’s hard to imagine that a major winter storm is looming at our doorstep. It felt more like a spring morning. But, as soon I as entered the house and closed the door, the sky darkened and rain began to fall. I felt a little bit like Noah, as he closed the hatch to the Ark. I feel a little nervous about this storm. We have our bread and milk, propane to cook on, lanterns and plenty of cozy blankets to keep us warm. We are prepared.

I am looking forward to a true Sabbath. I am not going anywhere. I am going to read, write, pray and give my body the rest that it needs.

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