More Monday Tidbits

More Monday Tidbits

 Well, the fighting didn’t stop. Those two went at it all day long! They are finally in bed and all is quiet.

  We went to Marshall’s and found Crocs on sale for $15. My littlest guy has practically brand new crocs and I had no intention of buying him another pair. This kid is a shoe fanatic (Pants? Not so much),and he pitched a screaming fit when he found out that he wasn’t getting new crocs. Thank you to the nice store employee who came over and said, “Oh don’t cry, Honey, and maybe Mommy will buy you a toy.” I smiled sweetly and said, “Nope.” My daughter chimed in, “We don’t get toys when we throw a fit. We get spankings.” The poor woman looked stunned and walked away. He stopped crying. He patted me and said, “I’m not going to cry anymore.”  And he didn’t. 

And, that’s the end for today. I am tired! 


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